Anywhere in the world.
Any type of shipment.
EDC-AgentLink® gives you the ability to accept or refuse shipment offers; receive shipment information; share updates and documents back to your move partner; complete digital inventories; and more.
Why waste time and risk errors with manual data entry for agency jobs?
EDC-AgentLink® users are connected to receive shipments from our extensive EDC® GOgistiX® mover network (including all EasyDPS® military movers, EDC-MoveStar® move & operations management movers, and others).

Looking for a digital inventory solution?

We've been serving the DoD market with our EasyDPS® solution since day one of the current DPS system. We're the military move experts, and EDC-AgentLink® has the tools you need for your military business.

Our EDC-AgentLink® Inventory application:

  • Is already connected to the TSPs and to DoD via EasyDPS®, the only commercial solution used by 99.9% of TSPs doing business with the DoD, which means your data can sync with the TSPs and with DoD immediately and securely
  • Supports the ISO standard
  • Includes military forms, e-signatures, & inventory at delivery
  • Complies with the USTRANSCOM business requirements already in place for 2022
  • Is already data exchange ready so you can exchange shipment data with your move partners regardless of the system they are using
  • Is available for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Works without Internet connectivity
  • and more
Ready to see it?
Ready to use it?
Explore all you can do with EDC-AgentLink® below:
Agents all over the world use EDC-AgentLink® web & mobile apps to manage moves, accept & create shipments, provide status updates, complete Digital Inventories, and to stay connected with & find new partners worldwide.
Manage blackouts Digital Inventories
Email notifications Get more shipments
Shipment offers Connect with partners worldwide
GOgistiX profile Work from anywhere
Exchange data and documents Exchange shipment data
Powerfull reports Make it easy for your crew

Give your business instant visibility & get more shipments.

Immediately make your business visible to hundreds of moving companies, opening you up to a world of origin and destination service possibilities.

Find new partners via GOgistiX® and know that their systems are already compatible with yours.

So simple, anyone can use it.

Take your business mobile with the mobile applications that allow you to accept shipment offers from anywhere and enable your crews to complete digital inventories.

Free included support and training If anyone needs extra help, they’ve got a dedicated, experienced support team for any training and support questions- free for both EDC-AgentLink® Pro & Premium users.

Complete DoD Digital Inventories from any device & without Internet.

As the creator of EasyDPS®, the only commercial solution used by TSPs to connect to DoD, we're the industry experts in Digital Inventory, and soon you'll be an expert as well.

EDC-AgentLink® plans

EDC-AgentLink® Pro

Ideal for agents working DoD shipments only

USD $800/year

What's included

  1. Receive and work on DoD shipments
  2. Shipment Acceptance Mobile App for DoD jobs
  3. DoD Digital Inventory Mobile App
  4. Includes 5 web user accounts and unlimited mobile application users
  5. Unlimited online training & Support
  6. Basic GOgistiX® profile
  7. And more
Get Pro

EDC-AgentLink® Premium

Ideal for agents working all type of shipments

USD $1,800/year

What's included

  1. Receive and work on DoD, residential, COD, corporate, and commercial shipments
  2. Mobile apps for Shipment Acceptance and Digital Inventories
  3. Create new shipments
  4. Integrate with your move management system
  5. Unlimited online training & support
  6. And more
Get Premium
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