Explore all you can do with EDC-AgentLink® below:
Agents all over the world use EDC-AgentLink® web & mobile apps to manage moves, accept & create shipments, provide status updates, complete Digital Inventories, and to stay connected with & find new partners worldwide.
Manage blackouts Complete digital inventories from the mobile application
Email notifications Receive email alerts about new moves, shipment updates, and moving partner requests
Shipment offers Exchange data and documents with moving companies all over the world securely and in real time
GOgistiX profile Create your own shipments
(EDC-AgentLink® Premium)
Exchange data and documents Control your capacity and availability by broadcasting blackouts
Powerfull reports Receive and accept/refuse shipment offers for residential, commercial, COD, and US government jobs from both web and mobile applications
GOgistiX profile Enter shipment updates that sync back to your moving company partners
Exchange data and documents Can be integrated with your internal operations system (EDC-AgentLink® Premium)
Powerfull reports Includes mobile applications for shipment acceptance and digital inventory. The apps are native (do not need Internet connectivity) and are available for iOS and Android
For US DoD jobs:
Manage blackouts Your data syncs automatically with TSPs & with DPS
Email notifications Shipment update workflow in compliance with the required DoD move update requirements
Shipment offers Complete move actions based on the role assigned to you by the TSP (origin and/or destination services)
GOgistiX profile Enter shipment updates within the restrictions set up by the TSPs
Exchange data and documents Access DoD forms
Powerfull reports Exchange notes and documents with your TSP (not for updating the DoD system)
GOgistiX profile Have your CSS scores for your shipments sent to you automatically
Exchange data and documents Complete digital inventories
Powerfull reports Inventory application supports the ISO standard and the DoD business requirements
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Manage blackouts

Digital inventories

Complete Digital Inventories (DoD & non-DoD) quickly and easily with our app. Use Apple & Android devices, as well as tablets and/or phones. Add photos & damages, collect signatures & shipper comments. And best of all – anyone on your team can quickly & easily use our app, no matter their tech level or role.

Get more shipments

List your services & areas of service in the GOgistiX® marketplace, the real-time data exchange network connecting the moving industry. Your business will immediately be visible to hundreds of van lines & carriers worldwide, opening you up to a world of origin & destination service possibilities.

Email notifications
Shipment offers

Connect with partners worldwide

Quickly search, find, and connect with partners around the globe via GOgistiX®, & rest free knowing that their software system(s) are compatible with yours. This means no more emailing spreadsheets, no more double data entry, and no more business data inefficiencies. Simplify communication & grow your business!

Work from anywhere

Increase your business’s profitability & flexibility by working from anywhere. You can use EDC-AgentLink® on phones or tablets, giving you the power to work on-the-go. And, we’ll send reminders about shipper & carrier requests & every time you receive a new shipment offer, so you’ll never miss another deal – even if you’re out of the office.

GOgistiX profile
Exchange data and documents

Exchange shipment data

Securely send and receive move data, documents, and shipment updates to/from your move partners. Access up-to-date move data and know get notified of shipment updates in real time.

Make it easy for your crew

We built EDC-AgentLink® with every tech level & role in mind. Anyone on the crew can easily and quickly use our app, and they can use it with their existing mobile devices/tablets. Eliminate the learning curve of using a new device, and save money by not needing to purchase new ones. And, if anyone needs any help, they’ve got a dedicated, experienced support team for any training and support questions.

Powerfull reports
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