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  1. How much does EDC-AgentLink cost?
    The short answer is it’s free. Every company is given five free, simultaneous logins. If your company needs more than five logins, please contact us for information on pricing.

  2. What types of markets can I work within EDC-AgentLink?
    You can receive and update every type of shipment including: DOD, COD, commercial, GSA, etc.

  3. My company has its own DOD-Approved SCAC. Can EDC-AgentLink help me manage it?
    EDC-AgentLink does not connect directly with DPS, and as a result, is not meant to be used to manage DOD-approved SCACs. However, we can offer EasyDPS, the industry preferred software, for DOD-SCAC management. For more information, please contact our sales department.

  4. Do I have to be a DOD-authorized agent in order to use EDC-AgentLink?
    No. Any US or international agent who wants to provide origin and destination services and wants to automate their communications with carriers can use

  5. Does EDC-AgentLink have to be installed on my computer, and does it require any special hardware?
    No. EDC-AgentLink is completely web-based. As long as you have a web browser and a connection to the internet you can use it. For best performance, we do recommend a high speed internet connection.

  6. Does EDC-AgentLink have dispatch, storage, fleet, billing and HR tools?
    EDC-AgentLink was designed to be used primarily for shipment management and to improve communication between agents and carriers. If you are looking for more robust tools (including dispatch, storage, fleet and billing tools), check out
    EDC-MoveStar, our comprehensive operations management software. And please contact our sales department so we can show you a demonstration.

  7. How long does an EDC-AgentLink demonstration take?
    Our free online demo usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of questions you have. We recommend decision makers, technical personnel and actual users participate in the demo for a complete overview of the system and tools.

  8. How can I become trained on the system?
    We offer online, group training several times per month. EDC-AgentLink is very intuitive, and users of all skill levels are able to use it with little instruction. To find out more about future training dates, please contact our support team.

  9. How do I sign up for EDC-AgentLink?
    The first step is to identify one administrator or technical lead within your company, and have them fill out a brief account sign-up form. Once your administrator fills out the form, we will contact them to begin the process of creating additional user accounts. For additional questions about this process, please contact our sales department.